Monday, September 24, 2007

Someone Must Have Left It Underneath The Carpet

What do the critics know? A Certain Ratio, often dismissed as Joy Division copyists, as perennial under-achievers, were something far more rich and strange than that.

Well, anyway, there is a good case to be made for ACR both sounding and looking (what is the more important, I wonder? I mean, in the ripe old context of pop? Paul Morley once congratulated Edwyn Collins for apprehending the significance of Simon Topping's haircuts) like Joy Division before Joy Division did (or, at the very least, developing an early sound contemporary to and independent of Joy Division, a sound that operated in similar areas.). The grey and black palette (both aurally and visually), the demob clothes and hair-cuts, the post-punk drone and buzz, the mono/baritone vocals, the lyrics wittily dripping ennui and despair? ACR looked and sounded like the uber-Factory act while Joy Division were still sporting leather trousers and 'taches. ACR got there first ...

(Actually, they got to New York and into the clubs before New Order did too ... and isn't it the case that David Byrne first picked up a taste for funk when ACR supported Talking Heads over here? See? They got there first).

The earliest incarnation, one sadly unrecorded - a duo featuring Simon 'Dream' Topping and Peter Terrell on guitars and noise generator. Eno (obviously), Kraftwerk and Wire are mentioned as influences. By the time of the first single , the mighty 'All Night Party'/ 'The Thin Boys', the band is a four piece - Topping on vocals, Terrell and Martin Moscrop on guitars (used as rhythmic rather than melodic elements) and electronics and Jeremy Kerr on bass. That's right, no drums. And they didn't need them - listen to 'All Night Party' and you can hear, already, the skeletal funk influence they would develop, carried by the fiercely scratched and pummelled guitars. Wonderful stuff.

And they found their spiritual home in Factory ... even catching Tony Wilson as manager (it was down to A Certain Ratio's good offices that he got himself a halfway decent haircut). He, for a while, loved them very much. Is the myth about him rubbing fake tan into their thighs true? "But best of all I liked the white shirts. The Thin Boys. Even profoundly heterosexual managers have love affairs with their charges", he wrote. They coulda been, they shoulda been ... up there with Joy Division. Treated like royalty.

And then they asked Wilson to find them a drummer, a real life funk drummer. Enter Donald Johnson and, for a while, ACR had it all. A perfect collision of pop and Krautrock and post-punk and funk and anything else they fancied. Precision and discipline and wit and sex and style. Fucking perfect. Before the dread spectre of 'musicianship' threw a spanner in the works they were, I insist, perfect. For a while, just a moment gone as quickly as you like. Then technique set in, the desire to get real, get authentic. It's been the death of many a great pop band, and it did for ACR.

Of course, any Ratioer is more than entitled to tell me to keep my opinions to myself ... they did what they did and, I assume, made the music they wanted to make. And made some music I love along the way. Who could ask for anything more?
(And, having said that, there is some wonderful music on every subsequent ACR release ... their Latin grooves, for instance ... stick some of their stuff on an anonymous white label 12" and give it to some trend-setting DJs and they would be raving about the wonderful rare grooves they'd just discovered).

Where does the first album proper, To Each ... , stand now? Generally regarded as a missed opportunity, by the band as much as anyone else. I love it, actually. Recorded in New Jersey and brought to perfection by Martin Hannett only for his settings to be zeroed by a hapless studio engineer (described by Tony Wilson as "that fucking six foot five hippy") just before the final mix, it is now a critical commonplace that the spark was lost then and there ... hmmm, not sure about that. The Twilight Zone funk of 'Felch' and 'Forced Laugh', the percussion epic that is 'Winter Hill' ... they all stand up today.

Of course, with the arrogance and assurance of youth, they'd already released some of their best material on a series of singles - the aforementioned 'All Night Party'/'The Thin Boys' 7"and 'Shack Up', the 'Flight' and 'Do The Du(casse)' 12"s. Who cares? They were young and talent is for burning.

'Flight', perhaps ACR's finest achievement (one of Factory's finest, too and a perfect argument for just how necessary it all was)... six minutes of transcendental hypnotic funk as James Nice called it .

Well, they looked so perfect. That means a lot - the Hungry Thirties Factory chic, the military look (all WWII khaki shorts, camouflage gear and fake tan ... it went with the trumpets, see?) that was appropriated double quick by Echo and The Bunnymen ... (if memory serves, the music press went overboard for the Bunnymen then, everyone thought it so witty), the sports gear. Trend setters every time.

It was an idea very much in the air at the time - white musicians who had been inspired by (or borrowed an impetus from) Punk bending an ear to various black musics, dub and funk and what have you and giving it a special twist. The individual stamp that comes from not playing the music in the 'right' way. ACR were among the best ... The Pop Group tried too hard, The Slits not hard enough, P.i.L. were too lazy, The Gang of Four too macho. ACR were separate ... unlike many of their contemporaries, they had a vital dash of sex, they were young and sharp, they had spunk in their funk ( I mean, they always looked clean, whereas The Slits ... they more often than not looked as if their knickers would be soiled (which, admittedly, has its own attractions)). They, also, lacked the smugness prevalent in the scenes around The Slits (The Pop Group or New Age Steppers or what have you) ... ofays sporting dreads and talking in cod Ja accents. What did Mark E. Smith say? "The grim reefer ... The Kensington white rastas run for cabs/This I have seen."

In Topping they had the perfect frontman. Why did it have to end? The same damaged choir boy looks as Barney Sumner, for a start, the wonderfully baritone vocals, an interesting lyrical stance ("My heart was just an open sore/Which you picked at 'till it was sore" ... it's a love song!), the anarchic trumpet technique, that little noise box he wielded, just the two settings, on and off. Brilliance in every moment.

But something had a hold of Simon Topping, and maybe he knew exactly what it was. Topping's gradual self-effacement from his own band, his long slow retreat into obscurity ... a power struggle with Johnson for the soul of the band? ("He retreated behind the trumpet and then behind the timbales and then behind a girl singer called Tilly" wrote Wilson). Actually, Wilson had a Romantic notion that Topping never quite recovered from the death of Ian Curtis. Who knows? Were Topping and Curtis as close as Wilson asserts? They certainly played a lot of gigs together. In any case, Topping, in his own style, wrote himself out of the picture just as surely as did Curtis, if in less dramatic fashion.

He later played with Quando Quango, appeared on a Durutti Column album and released a good (though not, perhaps, essential) Latin tinged single 'Prospect Park' ... he moved to New York, he turned up at the soundcheck for a New Order concert there (causing Barney to exclaim:"fucking hell, Simon, great haircut or what!") and then ... what? Where did he go? What does he do now? Anyone know? (Rumours, rumours ... he started a degree at Loughborough University, he became a piano tuner, he did this, he did that). I'm looking for a certain Simon Topping.


Blogger kek-w said...

Oh, yeah, they were great, fer sure....

"Flight"...well, don't get me started...

10:43 PM  
Blogger kek-w said...

Actually, I think "Force" is really underrated, to be honest...

11:01 PM  
Blogger Tim Footman said...

I thought they just bought a marimba and reinvented themselves as Haircut 100.

1:36 AM  
Blogger St. Anthony said...

'Flight' is just one of the great singles ... up there with anthing their contemporaries did.
And Force is a fine album. I like loads of stuff on the later albums, including the A&M ones. If only those albums had stayed in print permanently, they'd have a bigger rep now.
All joking aside, didn't people like Haircut 100 take influences from them and Orange Juice and sell it to a mainstream audience?
A clever trick, if you can pull it off.

7:18 AM  
Blogger farmer glitch said...

ACR - bloody excellent ... saw them in 79 at the Rock Garden - then the next day walked half on London until I managed to track down a plastic wallet (orange one for me) containing the totally excellent Graveyard and Ballroom - damn fab thing - and for years on permanent play in the car.. Saw them a few years later with Kid-Shirt in Bristol - by now they had turned into a more improv-jazz type unit ... damn ace none the less .... 'Flight' fuckin ace 12 incher ... later stuff indeed friggin great ...

5:49 PM  
Blogger St. Anthony said...

1979 - they were untouchable then ... yeah, The Graveyard and the Ballroom, what a great little package that was. I had the orange one too, which the trainspotter in me was convinced was the first and rarest edition. That 'Flight' 12", a wonderful record, up there with anything from their era. Or since.

7:15 AM  
Blogger farmer glitch said...

Your post has got me digging out some vinyl this weekend - man I forgot just how much I love that Knife-Slits-Water "the sound sound proudly presents..." perfect under-produced pop ... love it .... Got Waterline on 12 waiting to be spun but my 2 year old daughter just snapped the needle of the deck - damn !!

10:34 AM  
Blogger St. Anthony said...

Children and stereos ... not always a good mix ... I've just sent some china knick knack sailing into a stack of CDs while trying to placate a fractious 4 year old by playing Blurt's 'Aboule Ton Fric', since she was singing it (loudly) while I was trying to listen to Joy Division. She wasn't impressed, though.
The 'Knife Slits Water' 12", that was a good one. "The sound sound proudly presents." Wonderful stuff.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Molly Bloom said...

When she was putting her shoes on, she said, 'A boot on feet', which I thought was very funny.

Punning at four. That's my girl!

Shall I tell my story about the stylus?

ACR - Playing very, very loudly I thought, this is just so RAW! The first time I heard them, I couldn't believe how brilliant they were.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Molly Bloom said...

Farmer Glitch sounds like you Anthony. You would do something like that...walking all around town for something like that.

8:20 PM  
Blogger St. Anthony said...

Oh, I've trod the streets of London more than once on the hunt for a particular piece of vinyl or a book. I once had the choice between getting the bus or spending my last pennies on an album and facing a two hour walk home ... it was no contest.
ACR - good and loud.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Chris Smillie said...

Simon Topping is still a piano tuner in the Midlands. Works with the Birmingham Orchestra among others.

12:51 PM  
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