Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jazz From Hell

So I said to this man

I said

That horn spits acid

That's what I said

Yes he said yes yes

He just punched me in the face

He said

But what does he do for an encore?

I said


Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

normally i would suggest a kick in the cassoks or a knee to the bollocks but hey, what do i know?

3:42 PM  
Blogger St Anthony said...

A quick kick to the bollocks has sorted out many a philosophical connundrum ...
Back in the day, the good Mr Chance/White delivered many a smack to an unsuspecting member of the audience.
Gets a reaction, I suppose.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Molly Bloom said...

Extreme violence. It is the essence of existence. Violence can become part of the emotional as well as the physical.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Dr Anthony Donovan said...

Anthony - saw following on my myspace travels:

You've probably seen, but just in case...

Molly, you might just be right in your first estimation, but I tend to hope and believe that love occupies that spot. Re. your second estimation: again, you're right, I think. But there are forms and there are forms and there are conditions and contexts and there are intentions. Good faith is needed, and emotional intelligence, too. Habermas' 'Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action' maps the general territory, in my view.

12:52 AM  
Blogger St Anthony said...

Yes, the horns (another pun!) of a dilemma ... is violence always inherently wrong ...?
The post, on a very basic level, was a riff on James Chance's habit of punching people in the audience - unforgiveable on one level, but a coherent response on another to a jaded, pseudo-liberal, pampered elite too "cool" to react ...
Chance has often been accused of all kinds of crimes - violence,racism, misogyny, nihilism ... I'd prefer to see him as a provocateur. A position that carries its own dangers, but he had a briiliant habit, in his lyrics, quotes and actions in putting his finger on a pulse ... and giving it a good jab.

Yes, saw the Milton/Blurt spaces ... am a newly signed up "friend of Blurt" ... and Mr Milton, too, when he checks in again. The Blurt website is very good, too.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Dr Anthony Donovan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Dr Anthony Donovan said...

Violence and all that it entails and all that surrounds it is in us. The challenge, to my mind, is how one stays true and good despite that; how one uses that factor as a personal benefit and boon, and how one uses it to help others. Anger is an energy; we'd be The Eloi without it, perhaps. The challenge is how to turn that force toward goodness and construction, rather than negativity, hate, and senseless destruction. Anything less is tragic, in my opinion. Love is what we are here for.

Speech over.

9:41 PM  

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